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Let food be thy medicine

Why should you choose Pragmatic Nutrition?

At Pragmatic Nutrition every aspect of your health and lifestyle is factored in to give you a bespoke nutrition plan that will help in reaching your health goals.

You are unique not just in your genetic make up but also your food choices, physical activity levels and health parameters. The nutrition plan will be easy to follow with healthy recipes, so that it becomes your second nature rather than a one time thing.

The Pragmatic Nutrition approach

The primary cornerstone to a good nutrition is to understand the root cause of your health condition, assess nutritional 

deficiencies and give you a meal plan that fits your current lifestyle. 

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Meenu is a highly competent Nutritionist, who has the ability to convey complex information in to educational material, that patients can understand and will endeavour to comply with.

Meenu's knowledge in the field is outstanding and its relationship with exercise has been beneficial.

We were very impressed with Meenu's detail in adolescent nutrition and its relationship to exercise and have used her presentation and knowledge to great effect in the adolescent population.

-Vijay Vallabh, Physiotherapist, Proactive, New Zealand.