Corporate Nutrition Plans

  Partner with us for an integrative wellness solution to improve your employees' physical and mental well-being.

Empower your Workforce

The definition of a healthy workforce has evolved to the essential, measurable characteristics of "healthy, productive, ready and resilient" from a dichotomous "healthy" vs "sick" (1).


 According to a recent report nearly 76% of employees, experience workplace burnout. Furthermore, a one-size fits all strategy doesn't fit into today's context. That is why we focus on providing a personalized solution to your employees.

The 2017 National Health policy of India, emphasizes "preventive and promotive healthcare (2). An integrated approach would 

              Improve employee's health and well-being.

              Optimize productivity

              Promote a healthy work environment

              Reduce healthcare costs.

Key Features

Health risk assessment

Health score card

Online sessions

Connect from anywhere in the world.

Quarterly reports

In-depth analysis and recommendations.

Self-help tools

Access to articles, videos and monthly newsletters

A holistic approach

Diet plan

Nutrition & Lifestyle

mental health

Mental & Emotional well-being

Yoga Class


Nutrition Plans

Optimize your health

Improve Heart health