Online Nutrition Courses

A variety of nutrition courses are offered to

  • Fitness enthusiasts seeking to understand the basics of nutrition

  • Recent graduates aspiring to learn the practical nuances of nutrition applications for effective counselling with clients.

If you are looking for a specific course other than what is listed here, get in touch for more details.

Online Nutrition course

Basics of Healthy Eating

  • Understanding basics of nutrition

  • Macro & micro nutrients

  • Practical tips for healthy eating

  • 15 days -2 live sessions

Green Smoothie

Sports Nutrition

  • Basics of Sports Nutrition

  • Sports supplements

  • Foods for recovery

  • 28 days4 live sessions


Practical Nutrition

  • Understanding medical reports

  • Strategies for meal planning

  • Effective counselling methods

  • 28 days- 4 live sessions

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